Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hunting Season

Bones with a little meat still on them + Veggies = Great healthy broth to use all year long.

Making broth,
canning broth,
processing venison,
packaging and freezing venison,
cutting meat off the bones to grind or can,
trying to hurry before the ice melts in the ice chest...
All of this work creates a LOT of dirty dishes.
And doing all of that while at the same time trying to keep up with my daily routine, and some other extras thrown in as well.
Two trips to town (so far) to try to get a license plate for Erinn's stock trailer that she wants to sell. A trip to town pretty much blows my whole day.
A goat with a broken leg, needing extra care.
Trying to learn the fine art of "couponing" - getting lots of good tips from Elise's blog!
Printed out my grocery lists yesterday, with many items to be nearly free using coupons, but when I got to town I realized I had left the coupons at home!! Ugh.

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