Sunday, October 07, 2007

Faster Pics

Here's Erinn trying out Bailey's english saddle. She loved it, and she said Thunder did too!

I cant believe how much faster most of these are loading, so I might as well get it all out of my system right now before switching back to the new computer.
Today, besides the leak under the house, we got lots of MNAF work done, some gardening, all the laundry, and Kris planted oats in the "hay field". IT's not exactly a HUGE field or anything, but it IS fenced in and is a good place for Pokey and other deer to graze. Once it gets pretty tall, we open the gate and let the other animals in to graze.
Mooky is really nauseous and hurting in his joints. It's been a couple months since he had so much joint pain. He almost threw up earlier, but is feeling better now that he's spent some time outside making a shield.
I let the little Banty Mama and her four chicks out of their pen today. She is keeping close tabs on them, trying to avoid goat hooves!
I had to buy store bought eggs on Thursday when I went to town. YUCK!!! They are so pastey white and runny! I'm fixin' to make chicken stew out of a bunch of these hens! Who wants to come for supper?

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