Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weird Problem

Gabby feeding Pokey 8-06

Summer '06. Tana and Erinn with Glory.

Legacy - one of our all time favorite LaManchas.

This morning Kris asked me if I had looked under the house for a nest of eggs since the chickens are either NOT LAYING or have a hidden nest. So, I got the flashlight, but rather than finding a nest I found a LEAK! Yikes.
Kris crawled under there and found that there was a damaged pipe that needed to be replaced. The question is, how on EARTH did that pipe get damaged? It was partially crushed! There was only a 6 inch space where any critter could have gotten under there and the damage was up high, right against the bottom of the house. The puddle under there was small enough that it couldnt have been a long time problem. Weird. Strange. A mystery.
Anyway, I am thankful we found it before it was a huge problem! So, we've spent the day getting the necessary pipes in town and preparing the problem. It was an easy fix, except the going to town part.

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