Monday, October 01, 2007

Kant Suk?

This Calf.... this orange torture device.... dont go together.

Our adventure for the day was trying to get this Kant Suk device into position on poor little Aileas (Pronounced: "AH lus") , without anyone getting squished by an unhappy calf. She may look small but she's got to weigh close to 400 pounds and she is super STRONG. I am hoping that this device will allow us to keep her with Lily for companionship, but stop her from stealing all the milk. We shall see...

BTW, we got Aileas from Teresa and Rob at Galloping Winds Ranch if anyone wants to go check out their really cool website.

So, the first thing to do was get her into the barnyard, which she was VERY happy to do after living down in the back pasture for two weeks. I am very pleased that she is still tame and sweet, happy to let me pet her all over. (I have been giving her attention, just not as much as before.) I am NOT so pleased to see that the flies are really bothering her and she has some raw looking spots around her eyes. I've got to figure out how to fix that problem.

Next thing to do was tie her up and put the thingie in her nose. Or, try to! It would have fit if we had forced it, but we could see that she would have been miserable and in pain if we had forced it in. It must be made for a younger calf, so we are going to have to order an adjustable one.

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Teresa said...

Hey, Thanks for the pointer to our site! :)
Too bad that device did not fit. At least she was a little bit cooperative.