Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cat Slippers

Erinn, Nanay, Gabby, Zoe

Deet, Tana, Sophie, Erinn

Gabby, Mooky, Zoe

Mum, Zoe, and Gabby brought Erinn home Tuesday! They spent the night, and the next morning Gabby said, "I think Zoe was sick in the night when she cried... Zoe, were you sick?" "Yes", Zoe answered, and Gabby said "I take care of her when she's sick and she takes care of me too!" In this picture they are holding my cat slippers that Mooky and Erinn gave me a couple years ago. They thought they were just stuffed animals at first, and were quite surprised to realize they were slippers! They kept asking me to take them back off so they could play with them. "GROSS" was Mooky's opinion of that. :o)

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