Tuesday, November 27, 2007


GB (Granny Betty) and Erinn in GB's newly decorated living room.

Erinn loves to stay with GB whenever we go to town.

GB's broken arm is not healing well and she is going to have to have surgery.

:o( We should find out this week when the surgery will be.


(I don't have any pictures yet because I left my camera with Kiwi to take pictures of whatever else happens before they head home.)

We had a nice quiet family Thanksgiving at home on The Day, then last Saturday we left the house at 5:30 am to go spend the day in Hico with family. Near Hico, actually, because Mum and Dad, etc, have moved to the farm! Their house is really nice. Mooky says it's the best kind of house possible because there are all sorts of "hidey holes" in the walls, and secret passage ways. The kids had a fabulous game of hide and seek in the house because of the miserable weather outside. Tana and Erinn were so well hidden that Alex bet Mooky and Dalton they'd never find the girls. They eventually found the girls and won the bet. Sorry, Alex!
Esther and Lisa were there! As well as Lisa's husband Micah and their baby Daniel. I have seen Esther a few times in the last several years but hadn't seen Lisa since she was a little girl. The Reed kids were like cousins to us when we were kids, and it was so good to seem them again. There were also lots of other guests there besides family, so it was a full house. The weather was freezing nasty wet so most of the time everyone was inside.
Sophie and Deet have changed drastically since I last saw them. I can't wait to put up some pictures of them.

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