Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Medicine and More GOOD HELP!

Update: Zoe left Thursday night after a 4 day visit. I was very impressed at how well she did away from home for so long, and without Gabby at least being here as well. It's Gabby's turn to come next time!
Kiwi and Rowdy arrived in Hico Thursday morning and on Friday they brought Tana down to us. Mooky and Dalton will be going back to East Texas with them to do some work for Rowdy. Tana has been a great help to me in more ways than one! Not only has she been helping with chores, but she perked Erinn right up. On Friday Erinn was able to play board games and a few things like that inside but was still too nauseous to go outside. But today she and Tana played in the sprinkler and helped me quite a bit. I am terribly behind on house work due to not having any helpers for so long. I had to be sure that none of the animals were neglected, and I still got all the meals on the table, but the rest of the housework really suffered.

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