Monday, June 23, 2008

We've been extremely busy trying to keep up with chores. This time of year is very hectic but it will calm down as soon as we get some of these kids weaned. Then I will try to replenish my stock of frozen milk and after that is accomplished I will sell some of these milkers! I've got FOUR young'uns to keep that will be first fresheners next year so some of these older ones have got to go.
Maggie is our oldest goat, and she is only 6 or 7, but her teeth are falling out! Yesterday I noticed that the front ones were sticking out more than they should and a close look revealed that she only has three front teeth left and they are all loose. This girl out milks all the others so I hope that her back teeth stay in good enough shape that she can continue to eat as much as she needs. I'd sure like to get another kid out of her before we lose her!
Yesterday I heard a goat screaming from so far away that I wasn't even sure it was ours! I called to her several times and each time she answered me so then I knew it was ours. She was WAAAY down on the wrong side of the high fence in the farthest back pasture! I walked along the fence line with her following me until I found a spot that someone had CUT! When we got to it, she walked right back through and joined her buddies. Then I had to come back to get the necessary things to fix the fence. I cant imagine who would have cut that or why... it was only big enough for a deer or goat or person crouching to get through. No cow or horse could have made it.

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