Saturday, December 27, 2008

Check out this decorative bow that a very creative Texas Artist
made with a rib bone from a buffalo!
We had a booth next to her at the Market Days and when she saw how much Mooky liked this bow, she offered to barter for soap! He was thrilled with the gift (which we did manage to keep a secret until Christmas) , and it's already hanging on the wall in his room.

Mooky has been feeling really bad for a week or so. Mostly stomach troubles, with some fatigue.
I thought it was what we call "His Usual", until I got the same symptoms! I've had it since the evening of the 25th and am finally feeling better. Erinn is starting to feel "blah" and nauseous now. What fun.


d@m!3n said...

That bow is awesome do you know what animal the bone came from?

I'm sure I can find some more photos theres plenty of my sister a few of my dad and about 2 of mum and me (we don't like having our picture takenthat much) The only semi-decent one of me is the one I already have posted but we're going to the beach for 10 days so I'll try to take as many pictures as I can.

d@m!3n said...

I didn't read the entry very well because it clearly says buffalo. Duh!
I've never seen a buffalo before.