Sunday, December 07, 2008

MORE soap....

Still no job prospects... it seems half of the Hill Country is out of work and we aren't getting any calls back from employers. Or, maybe it's that Kris is getting a "bad reference" from someone who isn't telling the whole story. I don't know. (We do know for sure that Kris can't get unemployment because of that.) But, I am not worrying about it. We don't have time to worry. There's work to be done. Besides that, when did worrying ever help anything? We are staying very busy getting ready for the December 20th Market when we will be selling soap again.
Teresa and Rob came over yesterday and we made a TON of soap. They loaned us all their molds, so we were able to get a whole lot made. We did peppermint, lemongrass, sea breeze, pumpkin, and mango. The Other Bonita and her kids came over too! (Not the Bonita whose goat we have.) She and her daughter each made a batch of soap and did a really great job. Her son hung out with Mooky since neither one was interested in soap. :o) We really enjoyed all the company. We had chicken salad for lunch with chicken that Mooky grilled for us. I was so busy making soap that I didn't even think to take pictures while everyone was here! Hmph.
Erinn got a fever, sore throat, and ear ache in the evening and has been feeling pretty bad all day today as well. The rest of us had headaches this morning, but it may just have been from the over powering SCENTS filling the house!
This afternoon I tried to make a large batch of soap using a new fragrance - Apple Jack. YIKES! It accelerated, which means that it basically hardened up really fast in the pot before I could get it poured into molds. Both the kids were madly helping me smoosh it down into molds, but we soon gave up and just put the chunks of it into the log molds. What a mess! We'll have to cut it into chunks and use it for decorative chunks in some other soap later on. Wonder what scent apple will go good with? We almost had this same problem with the peppermint soap yesterday, but it didn't accelerate as fast as the apple and we were able to save it.

This is the Christmas Tree Fragrance. Rather strong and manly.

We added green to half the batch.

This is the Pumpkin Pie - with NO added color!


Kris made some really nice soap display racks. We desperately needed something that showed the soap off really well, but didn't take up too much space. These are so cool - there are 6 of them! They are going to get one more coat of paint, and then we will put signs on them that say Four Mile Farm and which scent the soap is. In the picture above you can see the nasty mess that was supposed to be Apple Soap! Yuck.

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