Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wild Indians

Thanksgiving at the Beaird's house - betcha didn't know we are related to a bunch of wild Indians!?!
Erinn has been laying around all day, but doesn't seem to have a fever this evening. The thermometer got lost in the depths of the couch, and I didn't want to disturb her too much trying to dig it out. She didn't feel hot, but does feel "blah". I just heard from Aunt Nell that Johanna has pneumonia - poor girl! Erinn does not have a cough at all, so I doubt she has the same bug they have. Pray for Johanna!
I had a bad night last night and an all day headache, as did Kris, so I actually dropped Mooky off at church and went back to get him later which we have never done before. He REALLY wanted to go though, and I hated for him to have to miss just because the rest of us were not feeling well. He said that Sandra Dee and her husband will be at the church next weekend. He was quite excited about the fact that he "knows" them - he told the pastor that he'd met them before with Kiwi and Rowdy.
I dropped Bonita's soaps off today and she gave me some houseplants that she said wont survive the winter in her cold house. I dont know if they will survive in this house either because we seem to be terrible at keeping plants alive.
Mum has been telling me about a recipe for "Fennel Cream/Lotion" that is great for mastitis:
6 ounces of liquid oil (olive, peanut, safflower or veg)
3 ounces coconut oil
1 ounce beeswax
9 ounces distilled water
2 teaspoons fennel essential oil
5 drops of grapefruit seed extract

weigh the 6 oz oil and place in microwaveable bowl
weigh 3 oz coconut oil and add to bowl
measure 1 oz beeswax and add to oils
melt the oils and beeswax together until liquid, probably about 10 minutes
This recipe was in the Countryside magazine, Nov/Dec 07. It came from a lady named Jane Hinrichs of I hope it is ok to post here - I would think so since the recipe was in a magazine!
Thanks Mum for the recipe - I can't wait to try it!

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