Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you Lord!

Our laptop is still in the shop, and I only have a small folder of OLD pics on this computer.

I am so thankful for:

A JOB for Kris, and a weekly paycheck, for however long it lasts.
That Mooky has his driver's license.
That Erinn had several months of feeling not as bad.
That although the hard drive went out on our "new" laptop, it was covered under the warranty and we didn't have to pay for the new one. (Other than gas to drive to SA.)
That although the red and maroon trucks both need repairs, they didn't break down away from home!
That we are current on our house payment after such a rough 2 years.
That the Lord provided the money to pay for 6 cs therapy appointments, in advance, thus saving money.

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