Wednesday, August 25, 2010

14 years old!

Yesterday for her birthday, Erinn was sick. Really miserably, throat killing her, congested, sickly sick. Mooky was feeling nearly as bad, but he is 24 hours behind her into this sickness. Kris had "IT" for about 5 days last week...
We rescheduled the family party for Saturday, but went ahead and gave her the presents from us. Originally she said she wanted to wait and have the cake on Saturday. But, then at 6:30 she said "It just doesnt seem like my birthday without a cake!" She ALWAYS makes her own cake, and decorates it too. It's a family tradition. But, this time she was just too sick. So, I grabbed the Betty Crocker Gluten Free cake mix and whipped up a birthday cake for her. She did manage to make the icing herself, and do the decorating too.

This is pretty much how she looked half the day. Got some extra computer time since it was her birthday.

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