Sunday, September 23, 2007

Erinn went to Hico on Friday. She caught a ride with the Ogeas who were going right through there and graciously offered to take kids and/or cargo. On Monday she and Nanay (and Alex?) will go to East Texas and pick up Dalton and Tana! YAY!! Hopefully by Tuesday they will all be here.
Mooky and I have been keeping busy on various projects. Kris has been fixing an old JC Higgins shotgun that belonged to his grandfather and Daniel's 30-30. The local gunsmith is worse then useless so Kris decided to see what he could do himself. He can fix just about anything, so it came as no surprise to me that he just needs a part to fix the shotgun (if he can find one!)and one last missing screw to be finished with Daniel's gun.
This morning the lady we often farm sit for stopped by to say hi right when I had just started milking Mean Lily. I was very glad that the barn was clean and free of flies! Yesterday we spent hours rigging up chicken proof areas so the chickens cant roost right by where I need to milk. Then I used the pressure sprayer and cleaned that whole mess out of there. Why cant those stupid chickens roost in the chicken house? I am not going to feed them in the barn anymore. I have been putting their feed in the chicken house and only the ones that actually sleep in there have found it. The rest will go hungry until they find it!!!
After the neighbor left I fixed gluten free cheeseburger mac for Mooky and glutenized cheeseburger mac for Kris. Then I made some gluten free graham crackers to snack on and to use for graham cracker pie crust. I have some really thick cream that I want to try to make cream cheese out of. I also am making yogurt and butter today.

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