Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here is the result of the girls hard work! :o)

We had a great day Wednesday! As far as schoolwork, we did math (a computer game), handwriting and Bible (copying verses onto paper, and working on memorization). Science was smoke bombs and candling eggs. (Shh! Dont tell the kids that was school!)

Dalton and Mooky got up in the loft and brought down 3 of the banty's eggs for me to check and see if they are fertile. We only have one banty rooster for the 6 banty hens, so I wasnt sure if the eggs were any good, and I didnt want her sitting up there on duds! Two of the three eggs were fertile so the boys gave those back to her. Gently I hope, so the babies didnt get scrambled.

Tuesday night the back pasture gate got left open and Lily went down there and had a grand reunion with Aileas.

So, on Wednesday morning after milking the goats, we put them down there and closed the gate. Erinn went way back down there on Thunder to herd Lily back up to the house. There was no point in milking her at that point because Aileas had already gotten it all! I'm going to have to order a calf weaner for her so they can stay together. They both are upset about being separated. And I really want to be able to keep Aileas up here at least part of the time to keep her used to us. She has come so far in letting us pet her, etc, and I dont want to lose that. She is such a sweet calf. Let's hope Lily's mean ways dont rub off on her!

We did not get any soap made, so that is on the list for Thursday. The kids have been too busy to even make the Chocolate chocolate chip cookies!

The kids have been such a great help. Besides the usual chore list, they cleaned the stove top really well, put fresh hay in all the nests, cleaned off the deck, hung out a bunch of clothes, put all the ice chests where they belong, picked up little bits of trash from all around outside, and were an enormous help while still managing to have lots of time to run and play.

Erinn will say to Tana, "C'mon!" and every time Tana will reply, "I'm c'moning!"

Oatie, Astro, and Kuzko have gone back home. It was really weird to milk the goats without Oatie being there! I am milking 6 goats, and Oatie is such a good milker that it really makes a difference in the amount I get. Karen asked me if I kissed Kuzko goodbye since he is going into the freezer very soon. I told her NO WAY! I try very hard not to get attached to the wethers who are destined for the freezer, so kissing them is out of the question. LOL We are all looking forward to seeing the Ogeas tomorrow and hoping that Mum, Alex, and any tag-alongs will come too.

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