Friday, November 16, 2007

Good links

Chickens on their roosts.

Some reading that I have enjoyed lately. Thanks to Mum and Kiwi for these links.

Kris left at 4:30 this morning to go to the cabin, so I went ahead and did some of my outside chores after we got the ice chests into the truck. It's pretty cold, but at least there wasn't too much wind. The broilers are a hassle to keep warm, but they seem to be doing well. We still have all 50 of them!

Yesterday the kids and I piled the wagon high with hay that was on the barn floor. (The Cow drops a lot when she is eating.) The sides on the wagon are pretty high so you can cram a lot of hay in there. We took it up to the pig pen, with Lily chasing us the whole way!

When the pigs were little we let them sleep in the barn with the goats and they'd burrow so deep into the hay that you couldn't even see them. So, I figured Bacon might like some hay to keep him warm, although I suspected he might just root around in it and scatter it everywhere. Which he did. Oh well, so much for that idea! (So I thought.) Later in the day I went to check on the situation and the hay that had been scattered everywhere was now neatly piled in a 3'x5' oval. NO KIDDING! And there was a hollowed out place running the length of the oval. It looked like a huge hot dog bun made of hay. :o) There were a few bits of hay here and there among the rocks, but he had done a fine job of gathering most of it up. Maybe I should invite him in to clean the house for me?

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