Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday 11-11

Almond kissing Erinn, and one of Erinn's Silver Laced Wyandotte hens. She has two SW hens, plus quite a few banties. Mooky has two Dark Rhode Island Reds, that he doesn't care about. :o) Really, the only animal he likes are cats. (is cats? are cats? oh boy, it's past my bedtime.)

This is what the cinnamon soap turned out looking like. Not too bad, just soft.
After having NO MILK yesterday, I was hopeful that Lily would have the regular amount today, but she didn't even have a gallon. Better than nothing (and I was thankful to get it after getting NONE yesterday), but I gave her some extra alfalfa pellets this afternoon to boost production. Since Dana hasn't totally bounced back to having enough milk for twins, and extra for us, we really need that cow milk! Thankfully, Dana is feeding the twins plenty now, though. I didn't even give them a bottle at all today. Since Lily is fine with any calf nursing we are considering getting a calf for her to raise. But, we would need to wait until February so that we will have plenty of goat milk to replace her milk, and she may be too far along in her pregnancy by then to raise a calf.
Mooky finally had a better day! His left knee was killing him, so he had trouble walking,
but all-in-all he felt better. Still starving every minute of the day though. HELP!!!

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