Monday, November 12, 2007

Two Kids

Dancing Tree Ranch Diamond

These are the only two kids we are keeping that were born this year. Diamond was given to us as a 3 week old. Her mother only had half an udder, so the stronger twin got all the milk. When we got her she had a bad case of pink eye and although I treated it aggressively and most of it cleared up, she still has a spot on one eye. I kept her quarantined in the kitchen for 3 weeks to be sure that none of our other goats caught it from her, and she became a little pet. We don't intend to keep Boers, so I may eventually sell her if I can find just the right home. OR, we will just keep her to produce meat kids, but the problem will be finding a Boer buck to breed her to.

Four Mile Velvet River Valley

The one and only purebred Nubian kid born here in 2007.

She's a keeper!

Oh shoot. We were going to town today to get groceries and a few special items for Kris' birthday dinner, and Mooky said he'd like to go with us. But, now he is terribly nauseous and his stomach hurts, so he may have to stay home. I swear. He was laying on our bed this morning and he said, "It's like having a year long stomach virus and you're so nauseated that you wish you could just throw up and get it over with."

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Kyria said...

OH, Rach, if I haven't said this before, I am so sorry. I'd bet anything it's the Lyme causing the nausea and stomach problems. In 2002 I had non-stop nausea for 8 mos. I said at the time that it felt like having morning sickness constantly for a whole pregnancy. Finally, late that year, lyme was diagnosed. Dr. Forrester said anytime there is unexplained nausea, lyme should be the first suspect.

Having said that, I suggest you ask Doc about the Marshall protocol. She said it minimizes the Herx reactions while killing the lyme bugs.