Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kris VS. Murphy

Kris has been busy!

Remember that tiller that Murphy broke? We ordered the necessary parts and Kris is putting it all back together. He will probably have that finished up by tomorrow.
Bamix? Kris took it apart and found that it was all rusty inside. He got it all cleaned out and working again, although high speed is now like low speed was. We tested it on a batch of mayo and it worked!
Sewing machine? Mum loaned me one, after Kris took the old one apart and deemed it "worn out".
Milk Machine? Kris took it all apart, found the problem, and fixed it!
Printer? Well, IMO all printers have serious issues, but I just need to get some ink and it should be working again.
Blender? GB gave us one she doesn't use.

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