Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Girls!

Here's Maggie checking out the new girls, most of whom are her descendants. One is her daughter (named Fancy) and 4 of them are her grand daughters. These are some goats we bought from Prisca and Kerry partly to help them by reselling some of the girls, and partly so that we could get some of those good "Maggie/Tiffany genes" back in our herd.
We won't be able to keep anywhere near all of them, unfortunately! It's going to be a difficult choice. I milked Fancy tonight and it was so nice to have some extra milk. Kris got to have a glass of milk with his supper for the first time in a very long time. Erinn and Mooky will get to have smoothies tomorrow because I had just enough milk to start a jar of yogurt tonight. Prisca brought us a gallon of milk and some milk replacer too! What a blessing to have some milk for US, and not just the bottomless pit goat kids!! :o)

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