Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pathetic Garden '08

This is a Sweet Dumpling Squash (I think!) :o)
Mooky loves these because they taste similar to sweet potatoes which he is allergic to. This plant has produced this ONE squash so far.

Zoe's cat Turkish has come to stay for awhile!

This squash plant looked fine yesterday.
Here is a close up of the underside of a squash leaf. I had just watered, so there is dirt on it, as well as the tiny little light green THINGS that are apparently what's eating the leaves.

These are the best of the pathetic bush beans. They haven't produced ANYTHING.
Most of the bush bean plants are smaller and more scraggly than the ones above.

These two okra plants should have been 4 feet tall by now, and have each managed to produce ONE OKRA which was promptly eaten by fire ants before it got big enough to pick. The rest of the okra plants are much smaller than these two. I planted two more rows of okra seeds on June the first and they are just now barely starting to come up.

This is the first squash I planted way back in late February. It was protected from any late freeze by the chicken cage, and it should have produced a bumper crop by now. I've gotten 3 stunted squashes off of it.


That blue bucket is what I brought the ashes out in. The nitrogen level is really high due to having raised the chickens in the garden last fall. We did one of those cheapy little soil tests and the potash was a little low.

As you can see, there are NO WEEDS!!!! Woohoo! I love my new weeding hoe.

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