Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last Day...

We had a wild work day today and I drank too much caffeine so now I cant relax and go to sleep!

I somehow managed to pack the camera cord so I cant download pictures.... and I have a whole bunch of good ones. I've got a couple older ones I can post though.

We got back from taking a load to the store room at 9:45 and the kids didnt get into bed with the lights out until 10:15 so they are going to be hard to get up in the morning. I'll let them sleep as late as possible though. Mooky especially needs it because he has been GLUTENED!! He has been feeling terrible for a week, so just 7 to 10 more days to go and he'll be feeling better.... sigh.

Seven Up and B.B.

We rarely let BB out of the barn since he is about 99% blind and he has to be constantly supervised. I took this pic of him sniffing at the ball because he was so interested in it! He pushed it around with his nose, and kept checking it out for nearly 5 minutes.

Hoppy the Loud One.

And PJ!

PJ is going to have to learn to survive on his own. I hope that whoever buys the house will look after him. He got his last bottle on Monday. He is over 3 months old, so ready to be weaned. I just wish he could've had a couple more months of pellet feeding before we left.

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