Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deer in the KITCHEN?

Ever since the first time PJ found out there was corn in the kitchen he has been jumping over the deck gate and begging at the kitchen door on a daily basis.
Erinn's cat still hasn't been found. We've looked everywhere and called the neighbors... Poor Erinn, she is so sad! And since Thunder was sold yesterday now she feels doubly sad. Kris saw a grey fox back on the neighbor's property today... so maybe that is what got Caddie.
Kris got a deer at the cabin yesterday so we have spent the day processing it. Mooky has had stomach troubles off and on for 3 days and we just thought it was his usual problems - but Kris came down with the same symptoms today! It was cold enough last night to hang the deer overnight so this morning I started skinning it while Mooky and Erinn were washing dishes and clearing counters. I was expecting Kris to come out at any minute but he looked so sick when he did come out that I sent him right back in. The deer was already gutted so I skinned the whole thing by myself very quickly and easily. Then Mooky was done in the kitchen so he came out and helped me quarter it, and get it in the house in ice chests.
Poor Kris was so nauseous that he drank some kefir with banana in it. He felt good enough to eat lunch after that and then got terribly nauseous again. So, he wasn't able to help us with the meat until afternoon, and then he did quite a bit of grinding. We ground up all the scraps for the chickens and the dogs. The dogs got some bones and I cooked a HUGE pot of broth with the rest of them. I'll freeze those bones and hand them out to the dogs one at a time.
Liberty has been licking PJ's face through the fence and wanting to play with him. He keeps hanging around by her, so I guess he likes her.

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