Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Links

I found a neat site about a lady who cooks Gluten Free in her crockpot EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
She spends WAY more money doing so that I ever would, but has some good recipes.

I had a really cool picture of a light blue eyed freaky looking llama chewing hay, with it's mouth going all sideways... but I was forbidden to post it, so you will all just have to WISH you could see it. :) SOMEONE said it was NOT cool looking, but "unpretty (is that a word?) and long in the tooth".

A blog I have been enjoying reading is Y-2K Hippie because she has lots of interesting crafts and projects you can read about.

OK - gotta go. Kris has a chiro appointment today because his back is KILLING him. Ever since he drove that truck without cruise for 12 hours or so a day he hasn't been the same. Then he has to go to SA for a physical and drug test. If his back will behave, it looks like he has a job starting December 1st! Yipppppppppeeeeeeee! Mooky is going to do some yard work today for some wonderful people that we did a few odd jobs for this week. They were telling us some stories about people who basically ended up getting murdered for their acts of kindness to strangers.... GOOD GRIEF! What is wrong with people? You try to help someone out...
I will drop him off there and Erinn and I will go on into town to pick up some mulch to do some yard work at GB's apartments. We are scraping by on Odd Jobs like this. Maybe more of them will pop up! On his way to the chiro Kris will pick Mooky up and bring him to town to help us with weeding and mulching.


Teresa said...

Great pictures on here! I am sure the unpretty llama would REALLY have detracted from all the other great photos! :D

Now I feel like such a meanie... :(

FourMileFarm said...

Yeah, you're a REAL meanie alright!! That was meant to be sarcastic, but it's hard to actually TYPE sarcastically! :o)