Monday, December 29, 2008


Venison Jerky, before smoking.

After smoking. Kris LOVES this stuff, and since we have been blessed with so much venison this year I made him a couple batches of it. Sure does beat that storebought stuff that cost $10/lb!

Poor Scarlett is still not feeling well today, although she did eat a few oak leaves and drink a little water, which she wouldnt do yesterday. I don't know if she got kicked, has a worm problem, or what!

I've read too many horror stories of "Livestock Guardian Dogs Gone Bad" - killing sick/injured/or newborn goats, etc. So, when Liberty started acting a bit funny around Scarlett I got worried! First, she barked at her because I had put towels over her to try to warm her up. Then, when she figured out it was Scarlett, she stopped barking. I went to the barn to check on her last night and this is what I found:

Liberty moved back with the other goats while I drenched Scarlett with a syringe.

Then, when I was done, she moved in close again and lay down beside Scarlett as if to keep her company and protect her throughout the night. I checked on them in the night several times and Liberty was always right there. Hannah was barking like an idiot until about 11pm, so after I was done throwing up from this stupid stomach virus, I went out there and put her back in the barn with Liberty and the goats. I have NO experience with LGD's other than having Liberty here for the past few months. She is a wonderful dog, and I am learning to trust her with the goats. Although, we havent had a goat actually give birth while Liberty has been here, so that is another worry I have. Hopefully, she will do just fine and not be concerned about the strange smells, sights, and sounds!

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