Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We've got a mystery illness among the guineas... two have died and one is sickly. No wounds on their bodies at all.
Scarlett kidded yesterday, with a lot of help from me. Two dead premature kids. She is still not doing well. Hasn't passed the afterbirth. Hopefully we won't lose her too! I've been talking to the vet at least once a day since Sunday, and hopefully she will make it.
I finally called the extension office today and told them that we really need to know if the kids can show or not - please!!! And we found out that they CAN! Yippee! They are both excited about that. Now, we have LOTS of prep work to do so between now and the stockshow, which is Jan 9.
The stomach virus is still hanging around, being a nuisance. Kris still hasn't gotten it yet! Thank goodness. He has a sensitive stomach, so a stomach virus would be particularly hard on him!
I've been enjoying this blog lately: Homemaking Naturally. On the subject of getting up early for time with the Lord, she says "There is something about getting up early, setting special time for the Lord, giving him the first fruits of your day, that is more precious than I can describe. I am fully aware of my attitude and sins. I feel much more sensitive to the Holy Spirit."
This is so true! And such an encouragement. I've not been consistently getting up an hour earlier than everyone else lately, and I'd like to start again! It is SO worthwhile!

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