Saturday, January 03, 2009

Goat Coats

This picture was taken on the 30th when we were waiting on Scarlett to kid, still not knowing if there would be a problem or not...

Last years goat coats were pretty much ruined, but I was able to save one. (The wethers are really hard on them - constantly tearing them.) So, that meant we only had to make two. I got them cut out of heavy denim and Erinn did almost all the sewing! I sewed a little bit on one, but she did all the rest. We lined them with old tshirts, so they are three layers thick. Hopefully this denim will hold up well.

She was able to just use her right hand to guide the fabric, and it didn't hurt her arm at all.

We will be clipping the show wethers early next week so the coats will be needed to keep them warm. The livestock show is next Friday!
Erinn put a flower on hers - it was her first time ever to do an applique and she did a WONDERFUL job! It's been 6 months or so since she has done any sewing, and she has improved by leaps and bounds. Last time, it was difficult for her and she didn't enjoy it much, but this time she loved it.

Mooky has discovered

a new way to ride the

four wheeler. ;o)

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