Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've got lots of cute Zoe pictures, but the fridge died yesterday and it took the whole day to get it cleaned out, cleaned under, cleaned behind, go to town, get the part, get it in, and put everything back in... whew! I'm just so thankful that Kris was able to fix it! It is only 10 years old. So, these two Zoe pics are from the first day she was here. More coming soon!

PJ really likes Zoe and followed her all over the place one afternoon.

"When it rains, it pours...."

"Bad things happen in threes..."

That's just a few of the comments we've heard (not from any of our blog readers, I'm sure) regarding our meat grinder, fridge, and oven all dying in the same week.


What about all the GOOD things that have happened? Why not look on the bright side?

Such as: the oven isn't dead yet. It still works about half the time - the electrical part that makes the gas light seems to be bad, and will cost a lot to replace. But, the stove top still works just fine! And we were trying not to use the oven too much anyway due to the price of propane.
And, Kris fixed the fridge for $65, which was the price of the part needed. It would have cost at least $150 to have someone come out and fix it for us. Yippeeeee!! (He's so smart.)
And at least we already have a lot of meat ground up, and we MAY be able to find the part needed and not have to buy a new grinder.

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Allie said...

Love the pic of Zoss on Darlin'!!! That's so cute.