Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A pic from Erinn's birthday.

Mooky and Kris are working at the fort in Mason this week, and I am peeling pears. My finger tips are stained brown from all the pears. I am determined not to waste a single pear, so I need to get them all peeled and cut up before they get over-ripe.

For some reason the crazy Maran hens picked August as a good month to go broody. I guess they dont know they were supposed to do that in the spring!! So, last night after dark I moved two of them to a "nursery pen" and so far they've hatched out one chick each. The other two broody hens are in the barn and they will have to be moved before their eggs hatch as well. Oh yeah, there's a broody banty in the loft and she will DEFINTELY have to be moved soon. I dont have a date for her eggs to hatch, so I better do it soon.

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