Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hey, guess what Everyone?!?!?!?!?

"THERE IS NO LYME DISEASE IN TEXAS!!!" - a quote from a doctor in Fredericksburg to me, today.


*******falling off my chair laughing my head off********

And he "knows" this because his wife was recently seen by the "Top Infectious Disease doc in San Antonio who KNOWS everything about Lyme" and this "guru" (his words, not mine!) told him that there is no lyme disease in Texas. So, it must be true. (You couldn't hear the sarcasm in that last sentence, could you?)

The reason we went to this doctor was to get a referral to an I.D. doctor so that the insurance will pay for it. Ridiculous. So, now I am wondering if there is even any point in following through with the referral?
Oh my, this will need MUCH PRAYER.
Erinn is sick. Very.
We have been praying and praying and strongly feel that we can't just sit back and do nothing. Well, we'll pray some more and see where we should go from here.

I'm not one to disagree openly with a doctor or anyone else who thinks they know everything. I typically keep my opinion, or knowledge, to myself. But, today when that doctor told me there is no lyme in Texas, he must have seen some expression or something because he said, "I'm not blowing you off!"
...pause... (silence on my part)
... "Really, I'm not blowing you off."
...long pause... and I said "Yeah, I can see that."
And he held up Erinn's positive Lyme test and said "I dont have any way of knowing what type of outfit this lab may be, these test results are most likely not accurate. But, I'm not blowing you off."
Then he was silent a moment, and I calmly said, "That seems fairly obvious to me."
Then he tells me about this website where he can look up medical stuff that he "pays $700 a year for" that tells him there is no Lyme in Texas. Too bad he's paying so much for faulty information!
I'm not too surprised at his attitude, just kind of concerned that the "specialist" will have the same attitude. You think I could give them a call and ask "Is there any Lyme in Texas?"

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