Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The chicks are nearly two weeks old now, and growing like crazy! They still have plenty of room in the horse trailer (they aren't as crowded as they look in this picture), but will need to be moved to the barn soon. After a week or so in the barn, we will probably go ahead and put them in the chicken tractors.

Mooky and Diamond in the cold early morning darkness.

The goats were snug and warm in the barn, but Surprise started shivering when I let them out, so I put an old sweatshirt on her. She kept trying to jump out of it. Velvet, River, and Arkansas sniffed her all over trying to see who this Red Stranger was!

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Teresa said...

LOL - Okay, the picture of Suprise is too funny! Suprise, the fashion plate. :)