Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is probably going to be our last year in 4-H due to the NAIS. (How appropriate - the spell checker wanted me to put NAZI in place of NAIS!!!)
But, since the kids already have their goats we are going to go ahead and show one last time.
Today is "Validation Day".
You load up your unsuspecting goats and take them to get their ears pierced. They put a Gillespie County 4-H tag in their ears and get a small hair sample for DNA. This way if there is any dispute among the winners about cheating, you can prove whether or not the winner is showing the same goat that was validated. Not that WE need to worry about that! To WIN you have to build a track, buy or train a dog to "run the goats" and build up their muscles. How's that for "natural"? Our goats get plenty of exercise, but they certainly aren't running laps around the property to build up their muscles...
Mooky spent a lot of money on a show goat before we found out that minor little detail. Erinn didn't spend ANY money on a goat. She wants to show one of the little orphans we got from our neighbor. She says if she is going to come in last place anyway she might as well not waste any money on the goat!

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