Sunday, October 21, 2007

New chicken pens

A lady in Kerrville gave us these "nursery tables". 10x3 feet, the top is hardware cloth. We could only fit 4 on the trailer. She also gave Erinn this like-new bicycle!

As you can see, we had lots of help in turning these tables into chicken pens.

The sunshine/shade makes the pictures too dark. Sorry!

We are making two pens, each one using 2 tables. We took the legs off one table and attached it to another table, like so.

We've got the roof on the first one. Just need to build a chicken door, and put the chicks in!


Teresa said...

Looks like you are making a chicken tractor with those tables! :) Very cool idea.

FourMileFarm said...

THANKS!! All we had to buy was a few staples and 2 latches!