Friday, October 26, 2007

Validation Pic

The parents were all backing up to the door of the ag barn, and unloading wild goats. Dragging them, herding them, whatever it took to get them into the pens. We did not even bother to park near the door because our 3 wethers lead really well.
When it was time to go, I took Mooky's goat (he stayed home with a bad stomach ache), and as Erinn was fixing to get the other two a lady asked if we needed help. "Oh no thanks! Erinn can get those two and I've got this one." The look on her face was quite hilarious. She was expecting the goats to be wild and uncooperative like the rest of the goats in the barn! But, Erinn walked out, holding one collar in each hand with two perfectly behaved goats marching alongside. :o) Out the door, down the hill and to the truck.

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