Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Computer Problem

I've got a problem! Every time Erinn uses this computer she accidentally does something and my task bar disappears! It's there when I'm in the Inbox, but when I switch over to a web page it is gone and I cant get it back!! I miss it!!
She is so sorry, and has no idea how she did it. I somehow got it back last time, but I don't know how. (Maybe she got it back by accidentally pushing something on the keyboard.) I have tried all the things you are supposed to try and it doesn't work.
Mooky was sitting up in bed at 4 am, pondering what to do about his headache and stomach ache when he smelled a skunk through his open window. He woke us up, but the skunk quickly disappeared and took his scent with him. Darn.
So, everyone went back to bed and I milked Dana and fed the babies a bottle. They are nursing as well, but I just need them to accept a bottle easily in case I sell them before they are weaned.
Go check out Erinn's blog!!
She designed everything herself, and enjoyed every minute of it.

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