Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday's happenings

Can skunks climb?

We have roosts that are almost 6 feet high in the very top of the chicken house. There is also a lower set of roosts, but for the chickens it's just a ladder to get to the highest ones.

Dana after enjoying her bowl of kefir.

Last night around 10 I was going to check on Dana's kids before bed and I heard a bunch of squawking from the chicken house.

So, I got my flash light and my not-so-trusty-deaf dog, and headed out. We made it as far as the barn when Hannah started to go crazy barking and I heard thundering hooves coming my way. I ran to the back of the barn and stepped around the corner quickly to avoid getting bowled over by Lily. Hannah was doing her best to hold her off, but it wasn't helping. All the barking scared off the chicken predator. All that remained was a bunch of Maran feathers and some very upset chickens.

I think it was probably a raccoon, considering it would have had to do a lot of climbing to actually snatch a chicken.

The chickens in the barn are a huge nuisance because of the mess they leave behind, but at least sleeping in there with the guard goats is safer than in the actual chicken house!

Kris and I are going to build a critter proof door tonight and then the trick will be to remember to close it every evening and open it every morning!

That LGD is starting to look better and better Teresa! How about we trade for Hannah? :o)

The people from Kerrville bought 3 milkers today! Dad and the kids talked Mom into it. So, we just have Juice left for sale, and one buck kid. Mum, do your friends whose buck died need another? These people weren't interested in Juice because she was quite scared of their loud little boys. Well behaved, not too rough, but loud! lol She took off and wouldn't come back, and I don't blame her. She had a hard life before we got her so it will take more time for her to trust anyone other than me and Erinn. So, they bought Belle, Latte, and Star Box. They put the two smaller girls in the back of their van and it was obvious Belle wouldn't fit. I offered to deliver her tomorrow since we have to go to Kerrville anyway. After they left I realized that our goat cage is at the Ogeas! Duh. Kris offered to stop and pick it up on his way home when he heard what I had done.

Almond was very very sick this morning. Thankfully I had Banamine and Nuflor on hand and dosed him up. He is feeling much happier this afternoon! Trying to bounce a little even. I hate to give an antibiotic but I know from past sad experience that he would have died if I hadn't given it to him. He definitely has pneumonia.

Almond, feeling better!

The chickens in the lean to are temporarily safe with Dana and kids sleeping in there! Maybe I should lock Hannah in the chicken house at night? :o)

Maliel came to get the couch, and very kindly stopped in Lampassas to get the feed that Teresa recommended. The goats and Pokey definitely like it! I'm sure Lily will too.

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