Thursday, October 18, 2007


Mooky had a fairly good day yesterday until late afternoon. He got so much work done! Around 4 he was trying to finish his afternoon list, and he started having a lot of joint and stomach pain. Soon, he couldn't bear to try to walk, so he rested on the couch a while. But, all in all it was a good day because we got ALL our school work done!
I am trying to sell 4 of my milkers because hay and feed are so expensive and it would cost a lot to feed them over the winter. So, a homeschooling family that just moved to Kerrville is coming out this morning to look at them. When Erinn heard they have seven kids her face lit up and she said, "One for each day of the week!" :o)
Kris has a 3 hour long dentist appointment scheduled for Friday, so I am planning to go with him and get some errands done while he is in the torture chair. A lady in Kerrville is offering a bunch of 12'x3' wooden tables with wire mesh tops for free! She said they were from their nursery that went out of business. We'll take the trailer with us and see how many we can load. Stay tuned to see what kind of good ideas we can come up with to make something out of them. What we are most in need of right now is a moveable chicken pen for the meat birds.
Dana and one of her kids have some nasty sounding congestion, but the other kid (Moonshine) is doing great. He's bouncing around being goofy already.

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