Sunday, October 14, 2007

First day without AC!

It didn't get over 80 yesterday and we didn't have to turn the AC on at all!! YAY!

Mooky used to make spears and shields all the time, but rarely anymore. Here is his latest shield. It was so effective that Erinn wouldn't sword fight with him any more until he put it down. :o) It was nearly dark, and Kris was sharpening the chain on his chain saw. The goats were milling around, and the guineas were mad because we were under their roosting tree. Actually, we were BESIDE their tree, but they were NOT planning to fly up into it until we were gone. I don't know where they ended up sleeping.

We lost a chick the night before last, and possibly another last night to a skunk. We slept with the windows open because it was so cool, and at 5 this morning I smelled a skunk. It was such a strong smell that I thought he had sprayed right outside the bedroom window. Turns out he was just looking for another chick to snatch but hopefully we scared him off before he got anything. Kris went out with a flashlight and gun, but there was no sign of him and the smell was gone. Poor old deaf Hannah was sleeping peacefully. I guess her nose doesn't work any better than her ears! It's been over a year since we had any predator problems. We'll set a trap tonight.

UPDATE! The banty mama hen still has one baby this morning, although she is missing all of her tail feathers! I cant tell if any other chickens are missing.

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Allie said...

HA! I love the Gluten for Punishment name! That's GREAT.