Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Bear Likes Skates

by Alex Billings
January 2000

A bear likes skates,
to find it's mates,
then you will see the bride,
all fat and wide,
and the groom,
as skinny as a broom.

I found this lovely poem in an old notebook, and there was a drawing of two grizzly bears wearing ice skates below it. (Alex, don't be mad, there's an even better one below!) :o)

Little Boy, Little Toy
by Alex

There was a little boy who had a little toy.
He loved his little toy because he was a little boy.

This one had a drawing of a little boy with a tiny toy truck, and a little boy standing in front of a HUGE truck. I wish I could scan it. Aren't you glad I can't?

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