Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kris is HOME!

Check out this great article that Kiwi sent me about God's Provision. (<--Click there.)

Kris came home from the cabin today. We missed him so much! He called from Harper and asked if I wanted to meet him at the house of some elderly friends who had asked us to help them out with some odd jobs. So Erinn and I jumped into the truck and headed down 479 towards their house. On the way I saw a deer who had tried to jump the fence and gotten her leg twisted in the wire. I told Erinn that although she looked dead, I was going to stop on the way back to be sure.

On the way back home I pulled over beside her and she lifted her head and looked at me so sadly! Oh, it was awful! She looked so much like Pokey...(well, of course, she was a whitetail after all!) By coming so close to her I scared her into getting back up on 3 legs rather than just hanging there. Kris pulled up and decided to get a closer look to see if the leg was broken, hoping maybe we could just free her rather than shoot her. (Which we could have gotten into a LOT of trouble for doing on the side of the road - no matter that we would have been putting a badly suffering animal out of her misery!)

He walked up to her, and it scared her so bad that she somehow managed to yank her leg out and collapse into the grass. He quickly backed away and we waited to see what she would do. In about 10 seconds she jumped up and took off running away from us. Her back legs didn't look good - the one was hanging uselessly and the other was weak and exhausted so not holding her up very well. We had to leave - couldn't have done anything else for her. I'm getting really teary in my old age - that whole situation just made me so upset due to losing Pokey so recently.

We spent the rest of the afternoon processing the meat from the buck Kris got on Friday. Nothing was wasted. All the meat went into the freezer. All the fat, tendons, sinew, etc, got ground up into chicken food. And the bare bones went to Hannah and Bacon.

We just found out that Mooky can't really handle the beet sugar much better than regular sugar, and he said "Well, I guess I won't be eating anything sweet at Thanksgiving. Because if I do I will be too sick to play with Dalton." Hey - he chose Dalton over sugar. I'm impressed!! LOL Maybe I can make a pie with honey instead of sugar.

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