Monday, November 19, 2007

Cow Milk vs. Goat Milk

Our latest experiment; the results of which won't be available for 3 weeks when the soap is finally cured.

Goat on the left. Cow on the right.
And yes, I know it was really strange to make cow milk soap and pour it into a mold with goats on it! Mooky ever so kindly pointed that out to me. :o)

We made a small batch of goat milk soap and a small batch of cow milk soap. The cow milk curdled when I mixed the lye into the milk, but when I mixed it into the oils with the stick blender it smoothed back out. Also, the cow milk batch has a thin filmy white coat of powdery stuff which appeared before I even took the soap out of the mold.

The batch with the goat milk turned out perfectly of course, because after all, goat milk is perfect in every way. :o)

In this close up you can see the white film better, as well as the unfortunate spot where a little bit of green soap landed when we were pouring. The kids got a good laugh out of that. They thought I did it on purpose. AS IF!

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Teresa said...

Wow - you've been BUSY!
Great new soap mold!!!!
Laughing hard about the "green spot". :)