Wednesday, January 09, 2008


L to R: Tiny boy born first, girl born last, big boy born second (breech!)
Tiny boy is brown, but the other two have lots of spots! I decided to bottle feed the girl, and let Maggie raise the two boys. If I left them all 3 on her, the tiny boy would probably get shoved aside and not get much milk. I picked the girl to bottle raise because we will probably keep her, and it will make weaning time easier.
After the second boy was born, we weren't sure if Maggie was done or not. She started pushing again and I told Erinn it was probably just the afterbirth. She took a look, and said "Nope, it's another baby because that bubble is too light colored to be afterbirth." AND SHE WAS RIGHT! Smart girl.

Kris is home from work. Went to the chiropractor before coming home, so that was good. We both have fevers. I should be napping, but it will soon be time to feed the doe kid her bottle so I'm going to wait until after that.


legendaryabundance said...

AWWWWWW!! TOO CUTE!!! They're beautiful ;) Can't wait to hear what you name baby girl goatie ;)
Breech - ouch!
My 16year old daughter who's studying all the midwifery info she can get her hands on....was soooo excited to see the pics and said "Okay we need to have goats" ;)
Too precious!

Teresa said...

They are really cute kids. :)

Boy, look how much less wide Maggie looks now! She looks REALLY good for just having triplets. :)