Tuesday, April 29, 2008


3 am -
I heard the chickens carrying on loudly and went outside to investigate. It was the chickens who actually sleep in the chicken house (as opposed to the majority who don't), so I had to go all the way around behind the barn to see what the commotion was about. Right before I got there they fell silent and pretended to be asleep. Good grief.
On my way back to the house I checked on the 2 newest kids who were sleeping in the milk room with Clyde and Swirly, and they were all fine.
I layed down on the couch, planning to take a little nap, and started thinking about how I needed to make some gluten free bread for Tana (and Mooky when he gets home) this morning. Then I thought of forty-eleven other things I need to do. Since it is such an unusually cool morning I decided to make the bread right away so I wouldn't heat up the house later on.
I started making the Featherlight Rice Flour Bread and decided to get enough dry ingredients mixed together to make 5 loaves since that was how much yeast I had left. I had to go out to the storeroom to get the GF flour out of the freezer, and while I was out there I fed bottles to Clyde, Swirly, Torpedo, and Warrior. I also brought a bewildered Glory into the milkroom to feed the two youngest kids - Constellation and Nameless One. They both nursed extremely well. The boy is not too scared of me, but the girl is terrified. As soon as I get her on the milkstand under Glory though, she calms right down. It won't be long until they are both underfoot and annoying...
I have two loaves of bread rising, and the rest of the mix will be frozen for later use.
4:30 am -
Checked email and updated blog. Check Amazon's prices on potato flour and xanthan gum since I used it all up this morning. Drank lots of coffee. :o) Erinn and Tana put a huge tarp down on the store room floor last night and made a pallet to sleep on. I hope they were warm enough!
Hey look!
Henry Fields is having a sale on fruit trees!! I'd have a whole orchard planted if fruit trees weren't so expensive! Not to mention the cost of fencing it off from the goats... So far all we have is one peach tree planted last year and one cherry tree planted this year. We also have the thornless blackberries that are thriving in the back garden.
5:30 to 7:30
Washed dishes, fed Aileas, fed all the goats but the milkers, fixed breakfast, and folded a mountain of laundry. Need to go milk now.

Now, if I can just get the following done, I will have actually completed my To Do list for the first time in my entire life.
Rip out the carpet in the bathroom.
Till and weed in the garden area where I am having huge trouble with weeds.
Put Glory on the stand for the kids to nurse 5 more times today.
Organize Pantry
Package a bunch of dried beans into vacuum sealed bags.
Cook Supper before 3pm.
Leave at 3:30 to take Thunder to the vet.
Riding lesson at 5:30.
Milk the goats and COLLAPSE.

I'm going to have to take a nap at some point...


Alexandra said...

My WORD, Rach! Too BUSY, too busy! What's the deal with the kids at the farm? That's NEAT! I'll bet they're having a blast. Or.. Wait.. Where are they? lol Mooky and Dalton?

Love ya

FourMileFarm said...

Mook and Dalton are at the Bakers.
Working - helping Rowdy, etc.
We'll be trading Tana for Mooky at the end of this week. Love you too!