Monday, April 28, 2008


The girls made lip balm yesterday!

On April 8 we got Clyde and Swirly - pic coming soon. These are two out of a set of triplets. Mama is sickly and cant feed them all. (She did recover later.)

On April 21 we got Warrior and Weasel. Erinn changed Weasel's name to Torpedo so he would have a tough name like his brother. :o) These are also two out of a set of triplets. Mama didn't have enough milk for all of them.
Warrior and Torpedo

Today we got two more orphans! The doe kid is named Constellation and her sister died a few days ago, then today her mama died. When her owner got home he found her trying to nurse from her dead mother. So sad! The buck kid's mother would not let him nurse. She preferred her other twin. So, these two are not brother and sister, and have already had 4 to 5 days of nursing. It would be hard to get them on the bottle so I decided to see if I can get Glory to accept them. She kidded with a single doe kid last Wednesday and it died on Thursday. She has been pretty upset, and is starting to get a bit of mastitis. I think that having these two kids nurse from her 5 or 6 times a day will be the best thing for her! I put her on the milk stand this evening and they both nursed well.

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