Monday, April 28, 2008


The trailer needed a flat fixed and the faucet in the shower would not turn off so our trip to town got moved up to today. Thankfully the shower thing happened BEFORE we went to town, not afterwards!
Erinn and Tana stayed home to work on their lists and feed the bottle babies for me. They were a great help. Our two newest orphans are just a week old and have to eat every 3 hours. We are blessed with a thriving "orphanage" business. We sometimes get given a kid outright, but we have a deal worked out with a few ranchers to raise their kids "for halves". We keep half of the kids and they get half back. These are more valuable kids than just a percentage Boer- 100% South African Boers.
An Ameraucana hen layed about 20 eggs way up in the loft and hatched out 10 chicks without me ever even knowing she was there! Those chicks are doing very well. I have them in a pen with their mama, but will be letting them all out pretty soon since Red is gone.
Two banties are setting on guinea eggs and another banty is setting on banty eggs. Who needs an incubator?
With Erinn being sick for 11 days this time, Thunder had a vacation and feels that he should not be expected to behave any more. Erinn and Tana quickly showed him the error of his ways. And just now I hooked the horse trailer up to the truck and he loaded right up on the first attempt! Woohoo! (Thanks again Halcy!)
Tomorrow we have an appointment to get Thunder's coggins test done, and after that a riding lesson. Both in Fredericksburg.
Montana took most of these pictures while she was in Hico, right before she came here. I think they are really great pictures!!



YIKES!! Hoodlums.

Tana on Thunder with just the bareback pad.

(He looks obnoxious, doesn't he?)

See, she does work sometimes. ;o)

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