Saturday, November 10, 2007

How could I forget?

Oops, I forgot to mention that Kris is feeling LOTS better! His pain is almost gone. He is drinking lots of kefir smoothies, as well as taking acidopholus and O7. It was a intestinal bacterial infection caused by the antibiotic he was on for his rotten tooth. He usually works Monday through Thursday but this week he was sick all the way through Thursday so he worked Friday and Saturday instead. Thanks everyone for praying!

Please also pray for Loy as she is going through a tough time. I don't really know if she wants me blogging about it, so I have to ask her first before I say anything more.

Kiwi, we are praying that your poison ivy clears up quickly!

I posted a yummy sounding recipe on GlutenForPunishment, so if anyone has ever made something like it please let me know! I am going to try it ASAP.
And, here's a picture, because what's a post without a pic? ;o) Erinn has been playing with this hammock for days! She has thought up about forty-eleven things to do with a hammock. One of them was to let Mooky get in it and yank on the rope and call it "Bull Buckin'" Well, you may be able to imagine how that ended when I mention that the hammock is old and the ropes holding it up are rather rotten. Oops, one bruised tail bone later, we do NOT have any pics of that fiasco!

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