Saturday, November 10, 2007


Mooky loves cats.

It doesn't matter if they are in the middle of the calves pen.

Cats love Mooky.

Erinn's hair is driving me NUTS. I can barely handle it anymore, and she CAN'T handle it! When it is not braided it is hip length. When braided, it's a little below her waist. Anybody need a couple of feet of hair? Just kidding, she'd freak. But seriously, if I just cut off 8 inches I think it would be manageable again. The problem is that she doesn't want it cut. What do I do? HELP! I'd like her to be able to have it as long as she wants, if we could just come up with a workable solution...

Mooky has been SO hungry ever since Tuesday. He was always starving for the first 14 years of his life, no matter how much he ate, until we got all the gluten out of his system. Now, every once in a while, it happens again, and it makes me cry out to God for mercy! I am spending so much time figuring out what he can eat and it's driving us both bonkers because his list of allowable foods is pretty darn short. He asked me this morning if he could have the last brownie from Tuesday - the very brownies that caused this whole downward spiral and I am sorry to say that I snapped at him. NO WAY, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brownies are evil!!! Then I had to apologize, and tell him that I was glad that he at least asked, and didn't just eat it.

I got the pantry halfway cleaned out this morning! The floor and all the food shelves are organized and clean. Anyone who has been here knows what a huge mess it was in there. It was just plain disgusting. Now, all I have to do is organize the half that has papers and school related stuff stacked practically to the ceiling.

Erinn and I brought Lily back home this morning. Mooky was shivery and nauseous, white as a sheet, and on the verge of throwing up, so he stayed home. We didn't have any problems this time because Lily is not in heat any more. Who knows if she is actually pregnant or not. She was bred twice at her last home before we got her and she didn't take. Lily let one or more of those cute little black calves across the road nurse! NO MILK. Period. So, I fed her some alfalfa pellets when we got home, to boost her milk production and hopefully there will be enough there to milk her tonight.

Our kids still love to be read to, and this is a good reminder to do it more often!
Check out this lady's blog:

She writes:
As I was saying ….I don’t remember a whole lot from when I had 4 small children only. I remember I didn’t wear make-up and I didn’t read a whole lot for pleasure. Reading to the children was my reading and it worked.

I am not an original person. My good friend calls me a plodder. I repeat myself often.

The best thing you can do is just be faithful. Get up and serve your family. Read to your little ones. Don’t come up with some grand scheme to read to them. Read to them. Right now. Stop reading this and go read to them. That is one of my secrets. Whenever I was reading some parenting book and got a good idea, I refused to make up some new chart, instead I just put the book down and implemented the idea right that second. If you can master that concept your time on the Internet will bear fruit, otherwise I fear the Internet is just a stumbling block.

I hate charts and schemes. The best way is often the simplest. If you want to take a nature walk with your children walk out the door right now. That is what I am going to do.

Yesterday Erinn rode Thunder over to the Parker's bareback and he threw a hissy fit when it was time to leave. Dancing sideways, trying to turn around and go back... I guess he really liked those cows! LOL, just kidding. They have horses over there, and although we didn't actually see them, he remembers them from other visits. Erinn handled his little fit quite nicely, and forced him across the road. As soon as he hit the grass on the other side she made him canter down the fence line a ways, and then canter back. Then, he tried to refuse to go in our gate and she said "NO Thunder!" and reached back to whop him a good one. Before she whopped him, he quickly put his head down, relaxed his whole body and went submissively through the gate. Ha! Quick learner, that boy. So, in this picture (taken across the road in the Parker's pasture), she has the saddle on him because she had grand plans on how hard she would work him if he dared to disobey her again. He didn't bother.

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