Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday - SICK

Wednesday - UGH, poor Kris, he's going to have to go to the doctor tomorrow. He felt so bad all day, and really had a bunch of things he wanted to do around the farm. He also felt bad because he couldn't help us with any of the chores we were doing.

The "dumpster chicks" (Cornish) needed to be moved again. For the LAST time! They are finally in the garden, with a nice warm pen to sleep in at night, and the run of the garden in the day. The pens are SO sturdy and predator proof, but VERY heavy. There was no way we could pick them up and carry them. So, Erinn pushed them into the garden with the four wheeler while Mooky and I guided them in the right direction. The four wheeler just barely fit through the garden gate.
It worked out really well, and Kris was impressed. :o)

Thursday - I started this post last night and got tired of waiting on the picture to load so I left it to do it's own thing all night long. Kris is not any better at all this morning. I hope he doesn't get dehydrated! I'm going to get all my morning chores done as early as possible so that we can call the doctor's office right at 8:00 and be prepared to be there as early as possible.

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