Friday, November 09, 2007

I want... learn to knit!
AND I want to learn to shear sheep (not that we have any) and clean and spin the wool, and whatever else you have to do to it. THEN, I want to learn to knit. :o) Halcyon and Mum have inspired me. I want to teach the kids to do these things as well, but I doubt Mooky will cooperate. Knitting and spinning aren't a high priority for him. Erinn likes to crochet, so she might like knitting as well.
And while I'm at it, I want to learn to make cheddar cheese, get better at making mozzarella, learn to quilt, and last but not least, raise all of our own food for health reasons. (There's probably more, but that list was just off the top of my head.) That's not too much to ask for, is it?

I took Mad Cow Lily across the road for a visit with Mr. P's bull yesterday. I snapped a lead rope on, and everything went well until we got to our gate. She got kinda crazy when she figured out where we were going. Luckily she didn't get away from me in the middle of the road! Erinn was riding along behind on Thunder in case Lily got stubborn and refused to walk, but we had the opposite problem. She kept running ahead of me and I had to pull her back and around. She actually could have easily ripped that lead rope out of my hands and taken off, so I am very glad she responded to it. I let her go in his HUGE 600 acre pasture and she took off running. Bucking, kicking, and jumping, she charged away in search of other cows. When she was almost out of sight, and I had to duck down to see her beneath the branches of trees, I suddenly saw dust flying and black cows scattering in every direction. I feel kinda sorry for those cows... LOL. Let's hope they all survive.

Yesterday, Kris went to the doctor and all we know is that we have to wait on lab tests... his pain is no better this morning, but he went to work because his other symtoms are much improved due to the Rx he got.

Karen and I ordered some soap making supplies together to save on shipping, and they arrived a few days ago. We stopped by their house yesterday on our way home from town to pick up our share of the order. We now have a GOAT mold! It's a doe and kid - really cute. Erinn is really looking forward to making some soap using the new mold, so we may do that today.

I'll have to go take all my milking supplies and Lily's feed across the road at milking time this morning. Hopefully she will come when I call her, because it would take a helicopter to find her if she doesn't want to be found.

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