Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Erinn helped me butcher 5 of the biggest broilers. I would have liked to grow them out a bit bigger, but the feed bill is WAY beyond acceptable. She got very cold and wet so I sent her in and did 5 more on my own. I really wanted to do 15 today, but the weather was frightful. Mooky helped me get things set up, but felt awful so I sent him in to clean the kitchen instead. He did a pretty good job!
Mad Cow got sent down to the back pasture. She wasn't choosing to stay out of the rain anyway, and I got tired of her pulling entire hay bales down out of the attic. That meant Aileas could be let out of the pen she was reluctantly sharing with Danny. (She immediately took off into the rain and didn't come back for hours.) And so Danny had his pen to himself again, the sick goat had the kid pen and the rest of the goats shared the barn with Thunderific, who took over MC's job of pulling the hay out of the loft. As soon as we use up the first 6 bales they won't be able to reach the rest.
Hershey is the goat we clipped last week and she was standing hunched up in the barn this morning. I gave her colloidal silver and Power Punch. Then after chores I gave her some kefir and massaged her rumen to try to relieve the pressure. Propped her up on my leg so her front end was higher than her hind end and she burped a few times. LOL. She started eating hay after that so hopefully she is on the mend. Who knows what caused that? (Karen thought it was pretty funny that I burped a goat today.)
We are getting 10 to 12 eggs a day now! ut, today we got 18. YAY! And I have all the nest areas blocked off to allow chickens in, and keep Hannah the Egg Thief out. Honestly, besides being nearly deaf, that is Hannah's only downfall.
Erinn and Mooky started their first fire in the woodburning stove today. They did a great job, of course, and it is so much warmer in here now.


legendaryabundance said...

We were wondering how the weather was affecting you. We have been keeping an eye on it, and the kids have been including those who were dealing with awful weather into our family prayers.

Kyria said...

Is Red barking at intruders as she should?